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O-1 Visa for Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs

The O-1 visa is vital for entrepreneurs and IT professionals moving to the U.S. Learn about its criteria, application process, and FAQs.

Dreem: Streamlining the Visa Journey for Entrepreneurs

Dreem is a relocation platform catering to entrepreneurs, IT specialists, and business leaders. Our focus is on obtaining U.S. visas such as O-1, EB-1A, and EB-2NIW. With the combined expertise of six attorneys and cutting-edge technology, Dreem refines the visa documentation process, drastically cutting down on time and effort while boasting a remarkable 100% success rate in acquiring O-1 visas.

An Overview of O-1 Visa

Visa is a non-immigrant visa category for individuals showing extraordinary abilities in business, science, arts, education, or athletics. It’s divided into two subcategories: O-1A for those with exceptional skills in business, sciences, education, or athletics, and O-1B for individuals who have shown extraordinary talent in the arts or significant achievement in the movie or TV industry.

Eligibility Criteria for O-1 Visa

For O-1A, criteria include:

For O-1B, criteria include:

O-1 Visa

Emphasizing the “Critical Role

One of the main criterion for visa U.S in business is the applicant’s ‘critical role’ within a well-regarded organization. For entrepreneurs and startup founders, this entails proving their essential involvement in their company’s operational and strategic growth. Documenting this effectively involves underscoring major responsibilities, strategic choices, and influence on business expansion.

Defining a ‘Critical Role’

This includes roles like spearheading teams, managing projects, launching initiatives, or boosting employee productivity. Recognition can come in the form of awards, public acknowledgments, or media attention related to the applicant’s role or led projects. O-1A visa evaluations pay special attention to instances where the applicant’s leadership has been indispensable to the company’s success.

Evidence to Confirm a Key Position

O-1 Visa

Proving the Organization’s High Reputation

For O-1A visas, it’s crucial to showcase the organization’s merited reputation by assembling publications produced by the company itself. Research on the company’s industry standing and reputation should also be included.

If affiliated with a renowned company:

If affiliated with a smaller enterprise:

O-1 Visa FAQs for Entrepreneurs:

Evaluating Your O-1 Visa Chances 

Dreem facilitates the relocation process for entrepreneurs through innovative technology and a team of professionals. To instantly check your eligibility, visit the official Dreem website and TAKE A FREE TEST TO EVALUATE YOUR CHANCES, followed by personalized strategy development with an attorney.

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