Live Your American Dream: Visa Options for Founders,
C-level managers and entrepreneurs

Master the U.S. Talent Visa Path: O-1A, EB-1A,
EB-2 NIW Explained

Date and Time:
June 6, 2024 at 5pm GMT+1

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What you will learn:

Helicopter view
Helicopter view on Talent Visas:
EB-1A Green Card, EB-2NIW, or O-1? Pros and cons, myths, risks
Visa criteria
O-1A Talent visa for Founders,
C-level managers and entrepreneurs: criteria and requirements in details

Is it possible to move without investing? (spoiler alert: yes) 
Approval statistics
How hard is it really? We will share detailed approval statistics
Money and time
How quickly can I relocate and how much will it cost?

About us

Dreem is a relocation platform for entrepreneurs, IT specialists, and business leaders to move to the U.S. on Talent visas like EB-1A, EB-2NIW, and O-1. We integrate technological solutions into the case creation process to reduce time and effort while improving the chances of approval. Our success rate for O-1A visa applications currently stands at 100%
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This webinar is perfect for:

Entrepreneurs looking to move to the U.S. and grow their businesses
Startup founders
Tech startup founders with business ideas who want to launch in the U.S.
C-Level managers
Business leaders who wish to advance their careers in the U.S.
Anyone interested
Anyone interested in moving to the U.S seeking real advice and strategies


for O-1A or EB-1A Talent Visa

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