U.S. and UK visa support from VentureCop

VentureCop and Dreem partner to assist your portfolio startup founders, their employees, fund partners, and investors in obtaining long-term visas to the U.S or UK and Green Cards

About Dreem

Dreem is a platform designed to assist tech founders, business professionals and investors to relocate to the U.S. & UK through Talent visas like O-1, EB-1, EB-2, L-1, Global Talent and others

What will you get?

Exclusive U.S and UK visa perks for VentureCop partners:
Enjoy a $500 discount on any visa service for founders, employees, and LPs across all U.S and UK visa packages
You and your partners get priority service on Dreem, potentially securing your work visa in as little as 2 months (conditions apply)
White-glove service
Experience white-glove service with a dedicated team supporting your case and 2-hour SLA. Get the personalized attention and timely support
Free consultation
Every participant in the VentureCop and Dreem program will receive a complimentary consultation from a dedicated visa expert

Why Dreem?

Dreem specializes in helping founders succeed: 100% approval rate for founder-client cases so far! We know best practices for entrepreneurial cases and speak their language too
Dreem platform features licensed U.S. attorneys with extensive experience in business cases. You'll have a dedicated team of 1 to 3 attorneys to support your application
Our all-inclusive approach handles all the paperwork, allowing founders and executives to focus on their core strength: building their business
Rest easy with our money-back guarantee for O-1A U.S. visa*. We're committed to ensuring your application is approved, and if it isn't, we'll refund our fees. How's that for confidence in our services? *Available for qualified candidates
Don't worry about getting lost in the process! We'll create a personalized roadmap for your relocation journey, keeping you informed of what's happening next. Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free move. Plus, you'll have secure and easy access to all your case documents through our online portal. You can reach out to us anytime via messenger or email for prompt and efficient support

What types of visas can you get with Dreem?

Dreem offers a range of visa options tailored for business
U.S. O-1A Visa
Perfect for tech founders with VC funding, this long-term work visa is also suitable for most C-level executives, VC partners, and LPs
U.S. EB-1A Green Card
Works great as an “upgrade” of O-1A visa or as a standalone immigration solution - for those who decided to get a U.S. Permanent residence status 3. U.S.
 U.S. EB-2 NIW Green Card
A convenient immigration path  for entrepreneurs with projects that benefit the national interest of the U.S., coupled with specialized education Additionally
UK Global Talent Visa
Fast track to the UK for Tech & Science professionals
Dreem can assist with other visa types such as EB-2, EB-3, EB-1C, L-1, and E-2, depending on goals and qualifications. Experienced attorneys will work on the best visa option for any specific situation


Get personalized help with relocation to the United States.