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Can you get an entrepreneur visa in the U.S.?

Are you an entrepreneur looking for growth in the U.S.? If so, you might want to explore the EB-1A visa, which is geared towards individuals with exceptional abilities in the business world. This visa provides a quick and streamlined route to obtaining permanent residency in the U.S., giving you the opportunity to take advantage of the vibrant entrepreneurial landscape here.

What is EB-1A Visa?

EB-1A visa is a special relocation option for entrepreneurs who have demonstrated remarkable success in their field. This visa is reserved for foreign individuals who have earned notable acclaim on both national and international levels for their achievements in the business arena. To qualify, you should meet at least three of ten criteria outlined by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

To qualify for the EB-1A visa in the business category, you need to meet these ten criteria:

1. Receiving a major international award or prize for excellence in business

2. Being a member of a national or international organization of top business executives and entrepreneurs

3. Holding leading or essential roles in organizing and managing a multinational or complex business organization

4. Innovating significant products, services, or business strategies within an organization

5. Developing a high level of expertise and gaining recognition in a specialized business field

6. Receiving substantial remuneration as proof of extraordinary business ability

7. Publishing nationally or internationally recognized business articles, books, or other professional works

8. Presenting original and meaningful research or contributions to the business field

9. Leading or participating in prominent business organizations, conferences, panels, or events

10. Showing that your entry into the United States will greatly benefit the U.S. economy

Dreem specializes in helping business professionals secure EB-1A visas, drawing on our extensive experience in this field. Our services include:

Case Evaluation: We meticulously assess your qualifications to determine if you meet the EB-1A visa requirements

Document Collection: We assist you in gathering all the necessary documentation needed to support your visa application

Petition Preparation: Our team prepares a compelling petition that showcases your exceptional business accomplishments

USCIS Correspondence: We handle all communication with USCIS on your behalf throughout the application process

Dreem streamlines the relocation process for IT specialists and entrepreneurs by leveraging innovative technologies and a team of dedicated experts. 

You can take a free test to EVALUATE THE CHANCES on the official Dreem website for an instant decision.

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